Certified Legal Translation Services

Sworn, notarized, and certified legal document translations and court interpreting services for any case. Our team of legal translators is comprised of experts in every field of law. So whether you need certified document translations for an immigration process, or accurate court interpreting to assist your case, you’ve come to the right place.

Certified Legal Translation Services

Many joyful decisions, such as immigrating to the United States or opening a business, require long legal processes that involve heavy loads of documentation.

Things can get even more burdensome when most of the documents in question are written in a foreign language.

That’s why we provide you with a team of legal translation professionals that not only work accurately and fluently with the language that you need, but also with the proper terminology required in the legal industry.

Court Interpreting Services

Court interpreting is the activity of communicating messages from foreign language speaking individuals into the official language of the court handling the case.

A court interpreter must be incredibly agile and sharp. The legal interpreter must understand and speak both languages fluently in order to accurately convey the message of any foreign speaker, whether it is a court expert or a nervous, soft spoken witness.

When it comes to court interpreting services, you need absolute accuracy, and you can’t do better than with our professional court interpreters.

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Law Firm Translations for the Global Market

In today’s world, legal firms work closer with international clients and other international firms more than ever before. Being prepared for international cases not only ensures you’ll close bigger and better deals, but it also builds up your reputation as an experienced and diverse firm in the industry.

Our certified legal translations attest to the accuracy of the language service we provide. Your firm can rest assured that the documents for your international clients and the court interpreting services for your international cases will be handled efficiently and professionally with our certified legal translation services.

Rigorous USCIS Certified Legal Translation Services

Our team of legal translators provides rigorous certified services to a wide variety of clients, such as:

  • Immigrants and their legal counselors
  • Businesses and professionals who want to enter American markets
  • Scholars interested in working and studying in American institutions
  • Expats who want to change their civil status