Professional Transcription Services

Instantly transcribe any spoken message! Whether you need legal transcription services for an upcoming hearing, medical transcription services to organize your records, or want to have an audio file transcribed into another language, we offer the best transcription services in the business. If you are looking for a professional transcription company with the fastest turnaround possible, trust our team of specialists for all your language requirements!

Professional Transcription Services

Our professional transcribers are highly trained and understand the spoken words on a recording, regardless of background noise, file quality, industry terminology or local accents. Whatever the difficulty level, We can handle it!

Accurate & Complete Transcriptions

We strive to be the industry's most accurate transcription company. Our transcribers decipher the most demanding sentences and deliver 100% accurate transcriptions without missing a single word.

Transcribtion Terminology Management

Our international team of transcribers has extensive experience in many fields including medical, market research, business communications and legal. For example, our terminology management glossary covers all of your industry-specific terms.

Transcription Services – Defined

Transcription is the conversion of a spoken message into written text. When speech is transcribed, it is easier to share, edit, index, and cross-reference. A professional transcriber listens thoroughly to an interview, presentation, or other audio format and faithfully transcribes the conversation into text. It takes approximately 4 hours to transcribe a one-hour audio recording.

Our professional transcribers are experienced and proficient in their specialized languages. With our transcribers, even the most complicated accents are understood and transcribed.

Plus, we connect you with a transcriber who is not only an expert in the languages you need, but also has experience with your specific industry.

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Transcription Services – The Right Choice for You

The type of transcription service you need depends on the purpose and targeted audience for your transcription. The following are the three options you can choose from when selecting a transcription service:

Verbatim Transcription Services

This is one of the most detailed types of transcription available. It strives to capture all the filler words, pauses and non-verbal communication contained in the recording, as well as all the words uttered by the speaker. Transcribers may also note interruptions, statements in the conversation such as "just" or "uh huh", and overlapping conversations.

Intelligent Transcription Services

This service largely deals with the transcription of audio into concise and readable texts. It is possible to modify and delete parts of the speech. Rather than just sticking to the speech as it was delivered, intelligent transcription aims to communicate the meaning of the speech in the most natural way possible. This may include the deletion of repeated phrases and expressions.

Edited Transcription Services

Edited transcription services are typically utilized when publishing or translating the transcription. Edited transcriptions receive edits that present the final document in a clear, easily readable, and formal format. When an edited transcription is translated, sentences are often restructured to make sense in the target language.

Legal Transcription Services

Get a Legal Transcriber right now!

Our Legal Transcription Services alleviate your workload. Our network is made up of experienced legal transcribers. With years of experience, they have both a good understanding of legal terminology and a good command of language and grammar. Use our legal transcription services for a single language or a multilingual project.

We will connect you with a Legal Transcriber who is native to the culture of the source recording so that every word is fully understood. Your transcriber listens to pre-recorded or live recordings and transcribes the message into a well-arranged, unambiguous and easy-to-read document.

To assure that all of your documents have consistency in terminology and formatting, secure one of our legal transcriptionists on retainer. We will be sure to connect you with the same transcriptionist for every case.

Our legal transcription services cover a variety of dictations, including:

  • Administrative hearings
  • Arbitration proceedings
  • Appeals
  • Conference calls
  • Court proceedings
  • Court tapes
  • Court transcripts
  • Depositions
  • Evidence
  • Examinations under oath
  • Interrogations
  • Judgments
  • Jury instruction
  • Legal examinations
  • Legal pleadings
  • Legal briefs
  • Mediation proceedings
  • Memorandums
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Public hearings
  • Telephone conversations
  • Wiretaps

Medical Transcription Services

Accurate, HIPAA-compliant medical transcription services for your practice or hospital. You have patients to care for. You can’t be distracted by constantly updating your records. We have the solution!

Our experienced medical transcriptionists will transcribe any audio file into a well organized, clear and succinct document for your files. We transcribe:

  • Patient history
  • Operative reports
  • Discharge summaries
  • Exam notes
  • Referral letters
  • & more!

We will pair you with a transcriptionist who specializes in medical transcription services. This guarantees clear use of medical terminology, consistently formatted documents, and secure, HIPAA-compliant transcriptions.

Transcription Translation Services

Not all transcription services require a translation. But, lucky for you, we are a translation company! So, if you need a dictation transcribed into one or more languages, we’ve got you covered!

Our expert transcriptionists live around the world. That means we can pair you with a transcriptionist who is fluent in the language of the spoken message and the language needed for the document.

When you need transcriptions in any language, why not trust a professional transcription company that specializes in language? We have a network of over 10,000 language professionals. So whether you need legal transcription services in one language, or medical transcription services for a multitude of languages, trust our language experts to deliver 100% accurate, detailed, and complete transcriptions.

Transcription Services vs. Translation Services

Translation services involve relaying a written message from a source language to an end language. Transcription is the careful conversion of a spoken message into a written format.

Interpreting Service

Translation Service

A transcriptionist converts spoken language to written language.

A translator only handles written language.

A transcriptionist must have a keen ear to pick up soft, garbled, or thickly accented messages.

A translator must have a keen understanding of grammar and spelling in both languages.

A transcriptionist does not need fluency in any language accept the spoken language, unless conducting a transcription translation service.

A translator must be able to write well in both the source and target language of the translation, but is not always bilingual.

The Best Transcription Services

Transcribers need to have a trained ear to understand exactly what the speaker is saying, regardless of background noise, recording quality, industry jargon, or regional accents.

We focus on providing you with the best transcription services in the industry. Our experienced professionals combine a perfect command of the language (or languages), with the ability to decipher difficult messages and strong accents. They create flawless transcriptions for all your video and audio files.

Our professional transcription services guarantee that you:

  • Avoid Errors – Our trained transcriptionists can decipher even the most challenging of phrases.
  • Get Complete Transcriptions – We’ll never return a document with sections missing. If we ever have any doubts, we’ll always check with you first.
  • Save Time – With a team that works around the clock, we return your transcripts quickly and accurately, every time.