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Human Translation Services in Tunisia: The Key to Excellence

Why Human Powered Translation Services?

Translation is the communication of meaning from one language (the source) to another language (the target). Human translation (HT), by definition, is when a human translator—rather than a machine—translates text. It’s the oldest form of translation, relying on pure human intelligence to convert one way of saying things to another, performed by a Trained Professional in both the Source and the Target languages.

Translation gives you the chance to deliver your message to international audience. And with human translation services, you can increase your global influence in ways you never imagined possible.


Human translators dig beyond words. They  understand intention, tone of voice, and need. We believe that every verbal or written message comes from the soul: the soul of a human; the soul of a business. We also believe that human powered translations are the only means to preserve the soul of each translation.

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Language Service Provider – How We Work

So, what is the mission of a Translator? A Professional Translator reads and comprehends both the source and target languages of a translation. But more importantly, a skilled translator conveys cultural concepts, not just written text. A translator converts both the text and the meaning of a message, using correct grammar and syntax, into whatever target-language(s) you need.

What makes Tarjamet the best Translation Agency? The answer is our human touch. Our experts are not only native speakers of your target language, but they are proficient in the terminology specific to your project.

The Need for Language Translation Services in Tunisia

We understand that the need for language translation comes in many forms.

We know that it’s not only a benefit, but a necessity for your hospital to provide medical translation services. We respect the delicacy that must be administered with confidential legal translation matters. We understand the trepidation that comes with citizenship and immigration translations. And we value the emotion behind translating family letters and documents that let you in on your ancestral history.

We take pride in understanding every aspect of our industry, and assure our services are customized accordingly.

What are Language Translation Services?

Language translation services offer you the opportunity to communicate with a global audience with the support of a professional linguist. They are available in various forms, such as sworn translation, spoken interpretation, localization and globalization. Each plays a unique role in the way your message is delivered.

Mistranslated information has put people in jail, caused litigation between countries and caused huge losses to renowned international companies. But can translation errors be avoided? We believe it is possible. We believe that the key to preventing translation errors is the use of human professional translation services that follow a rigorous quality assurance process.

Our certified translators fill a detailed application to join our team, comprising translation examinations and certification checks. Not only that, but each translation project undergoes rigorous 5-step quality control to ensure that the translation is not only close, but also 100% accurate.

The 4 main reasons why your Company needs Human Translation Services

A machine translation agency can bring about an immediate turnaround. But it takes a human translation agency to get the results your company needs. That’s why we believe that a language service provider needs human skills.

When you think of the cost of human translations, do you take into account the cost of miscommunication?

Localization can be achieved only with a human translator. The humans who make a localized translation look deeper than the actual words on the page. They look at what these words will stand for in the culture that receives them.

Localization” is a more holistic process that addresses cultural and non-textual elements as well as linguistic issues when adapting a product or service to another country or location.

Localization is not limited to translation. It includes translation and also addresses other elements such as text length, local idioms, cultural references, units of measurement, date formats and page sizes.

Each written document has a different style and tone compared to the other.

A document can have a poetic, funny or convincing style and tone, but when it comes to translation, machines miss it. The document must have this specific style and tone for it to be understood by the reader, and if the reader lacks that, the meaning of the document may be lost.

Only a human translation can match the style and tone of the document and reproduce something similar. The machine translator loses the tone and intricate nuances of the original document and produces something flat and soulless.

Human Intelligence cannot be matched

Machine translators use artificial intelligence, and although it is evolving day by day, it can never keep up with human intelligence. Machine translators are becoming more and more efficient and the quality of the translations produced is becoming more and more comprehensible.

However, the human need to be part of the machine translation equation is always present. After machine translation, there must be proofreaders and editors to ensure that the translation is grammatically correct and also understandable.

The human translator puts the finishing touches to the work by localizing it and improving it for the target audience. If the text has local references and needs to be translated into Chinese, the references can be adapted to the new context. This is an ability that machines can never surpass or match.

In case you didn’t know… $71 million! That’s the amount a Florida hospital lost because of a misinterpretation. How did this misinterpretation happen?

It wasn’t based on a professional and human translation.

Bad translation or misinterpretation can be fatal to a company. Surely large companies can handle the millions of dollars of translation errors. And so it happened.

But whether or not your company can make a million dollar mistake, do you really want that?

A Human Language Service Provider

We are human beings, we help each other. And we want to help you. Whatever your translation needs are, we can help you. We offer professional human translation services performed by the best translators available, from sworn translations to website localisation. We promise to provide 100% accurate professional human translations in any language.

  • Whether you need legal, medical, commercial or certified translations into a specific language - we are here to translate.
  • If your company competes in international markets - we are here to translate.
  • If you are working on a screenplay for an international film, a literary work or an academic document... You guessed it - we are here to translate.

If you need expert, professional human translations, get a free translation quote. We are now online and ready to assist you. We will globalize your business, with the right tone of voice and a human touch.

We want to help you succeed. We are happy to do that. After all, we are humans.