Software Localization Services and Patent Translations

Accurate, efficient technology translation services and tech localization services for businesses in the digital industry. From research paper translations to software localization, we offer your brand a wide range of language services to help you stand out in the tech industry.

Technology Translation Services and Digital Localization Services

No sector has as much potential for international projection as the tech industry.

To participate successfully in the highly competitive international market, it’s ideal to communicate with customers and potential business allies in their language, as clearly as possible.

From explicative pieces for the general public, to protocols and other terminology-heavy material, all communications must be handled with care.

That’s why we will place your projects in the hands of the most qualified technical translators available.

Software Localization Services

Adapting your software to a new region or locale is not simply about translating the words the user sees.

It requires a whole process called software localization, where files must be converted, manuals must be re-written, and user support must be offered in the new target language. When it comes to translations for the tech industry, there’s a whole set of procedures that must be followed, which not only involve technical translators, but multilingual project managers, engineers and developers.

This is why, for proper software localization, you need a professional technology translation company.

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Patent Translation Services

When it comes to the tech industry, intellectual property is extremely important.

Patent translation involves highly specialized language professionals. Technology translators not only provide accurate legal terminology to confirm the patent is properly understood, but also possess specific knowledge regarding the nature of the patent itself.

We offer patent translation services for a wide spectrum of industries. We have world-class professionals diverse in multiple sectors, who will adapt the intellectual property of your software or technology.

Fast and Reliable Technology Translations for Entrepreneurs

Translate your vision and market your products in over 100 languages with our professional, versatile, and tech-savvy team.

We translate:

  • Patents
  • Audiovisual marketing material
  • Protocols and instructions
  • Publications and reviews
  • Software
  • Company files
  • Commercial literature
  • Manuals
  • Websites
  • Technical documents